• To work collaboratively to end poverty in Elgin St. Thomas

Baseline Measures from the Selfie

  • Unemployment rates
  • Workforce participation rates
  • Percent of the population accessing government transfers
  • Living Wage
  • Median Wage
  • Percentage of the population living in low income
  • Bankruptcy Rates

Tracking our Progress

We are committed to documenting and measuring our work.  These are some of the actions we have taken:

  • The Community Leaders' Cabinet supported the City of St. Thomas and the County of Elgin's bid to become a Basic Income Guarantee Pilot Community.
  • Representatives have attended the National Poverty Reduction Conference and reported back on their learnings
  • Staff from the YWCA presented the Living Wage recalculation to the Community Leaders' Cabinet.  As a result of that presentation the Community Leaders' Cabinet nominated HD Painting for the Chamber of Commerce's Free Enterprise Award.  This was in recognition of HD Painting's local commitment to the Living Wage.