Call To Action

Quality of Life for Elgin St. Thomas

Resolution:  to work together to improve the quality of life for everyone in Elgin St. Thomas

Sponsor:    Elgin St. Thomas Community Leaders' Cabinet

We believe:  Individuals are only as healthy as the community they live in (social determinants of health).

We believe:  All residents have the right to the healthiest life possible (health equity)

We believe:  Quality of life is dependent on strong leadership in the government, business and social/voluntary sectors of the community (cross sectoral collaboration)

We believe:  No person or group working in isolation can solve complex problems (collective impact)

We believe:  Involving individuals, groups and communities as part of the solution is critical (community engagement)

We believe:  Elgin St. Thomas is an amazing community with many wonderful assets (asset-based)

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the following organizations committee to working collectively to improve the quality of life in Elgin St. Thomas.  WE BELIEVE that through strong cross-sectoral leadership that includes recognition of mutual interests, strong alliances, shared objectives and mutually reinforcing activities, the Cabinet will engage the community in a long-term process to improve and sustain the quality of life in Elgin St. Thomas.

Mayor Heather Jackson

City of St. Thomas