Access to Recreation


  • To increase access to structured and unstructured physical activity opportunities in Elgin St. Thomas

Baseline Measures from the Selfie

  • % of the Cycling Master Plan that is installed
  • The number of sport, recreation and leisure opportunities promoted on
  • The number of parks and park amenities available in Elgin St. Thomas
  • Self reported physical activity rates

Tracking Our Progress

We are committed to documenting and measuring our work.  New measures of our work and successes will continue to be added.

The Community Leaders' Cabinet distributed Healthy Kids Community Challenge funds towards:

  • The development of 12 volunteer run outdoor ice rinks
  • The creation of a low and free cost recreation guide
  • Improvements to the Active Elgin website
  • Launching a physical activity challenge
  • Free swimming and skating opportunities on Family Day
  • Large scale education campaign to build off the success of the Cycling Master Plan
  • Piloting new cross-country ski trails at Dan Patterson Conservation Area.
  • Staff from Elgin St. Thomas Public Health presented the Improving Access to Recreation Report.  View the report on our Community Reports page.